Editor’s Note

Alejandro Duran (M Arch I ’19), Martin Man (M Arch I ’19) Why do architects always take themselves so seriously…blah, blah, blah…if we’re acting out charades anyway let’s come out and actually have some fun. The self-referential game of design we supposedly play at, with all its jargon and stern […]


  Martin Man (M. Arch I ’19)

Equaliy in Design Course Shopping List

Harper Keehn (B.A. ’16), Maggie Tsang (M. Arch I ’17) Over the break, we combed through the Yale Blue Book and compiled a list of courses that we think make for a useful supplement to the YSOA curriculum. In our search, we tried to identify courses that would be relevant […]

The Joke is on You: The Mythical Dimension of Facemasks Under the Smog

Jane Jia Weng (M. Arch II, ’18) On January 17th 2013, a real-time video footage of the sunrise had to be projected onto the LED screen in Tiananmen Square, as the smog in Beijing had become so thick that the natural sunrise was no longer recognizable.   Every child who has […]

On the Ground

01.15.17 Luke Studebaker (M. Arch I 19′), Liwei Wang (M. Arch I 19′), Katrina Yin (M. Arch I 19′) Welcome back! School just started so there’s still time to… GTFO Twice a year those with free electives can shop for classes outside of Rudolph Hall. Meet potential clients at the School […]