letter from editors: let’s talk.

GENTLEY SMITH (M. Arch ’18) and MISHA SEMENOV (M. Arch/M.E.M. ’19) Let’s Talk. The verb Discourse, Latin in origin, can have two slightly different meanings: speak or write authoritatively about a topic. engage in conversation. As Yale students, we are expected to learn from those who are good at the first […]

about thorny topics and safe spaces

JULIE TURGEON (M. Arch I ‘18) I was told not to speak of the Dirty War. Unless the topic was broached by someone else, that is. Seven years of state-sponsored terrorism under an oppressive military dictatorship left deep wounds in the minds and on the bodies of the Argentine people. The […]

about representation

DYLAN WEISER (M. Arch I ’18) and JEONGYOON ISABELLE SONG (M. Arch I ’18) Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 12:49 PM, Jeongyoon Isabelle Song wrote: yeah let’s get on this… HI MARK. On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 3:10 PM, Dylan Weiser wrote: Peter, (insert bad MFG joke here) But […]

about roots

NICOLAS KEMPER (M. Arch ’16) In order to argue, you have to agree on something. Without a shared set of facts, a common story, a common root, there can be no opinions. Without the cardinal directions, a ship’s crew cannot very well discuss the wisdom of their direction. Without the […]

about healthy criticism

AZZA ABOU ALAM (M. Arch I ’18), AMANDA IGLESIAS (M. Arch I ’18), WILSON CARROLL (M. Arch I ’17) 8:45 am, 10/31, Booktrader Cafe AI: Is there something about the culture in our school that doesn’t allow or encourage us to talk about each other’s projects in a critical way? […]

about required readings

FRANCESCA XAVIER (M. Arch I ’18) Back to basics: the importance of reading. We like to think there is a lack of authority in our school as architectural education evolves, but whatever polemic you resonate with in this changing climate, you will find authority in the readings mindfully curated for […]

about shots fired by homie Schumie

On Facebook:   Patrik Schumacher September 30 at 6:25pm · London, United Kingdom AN IVORY TOWER DRIPPING IN THEORETICAL ACTIVISM Forthcoming Yale symposium Aesthetic Activism “casts aesthetics as the primary discourse for social, ecological, and political engagement. Political problems may be best addressed as aspects of aesthetic experience.” Really?? That’s […]

about neoliberal discourse

MARTIN MAN (M. Arch I ’19) In considering the discourse which prevails at the Yale School of Architecture, I will draw on Michel Foucault’s thought and treat discourse as a system of thought, attitudes, practises, ideas, etc. which conditions a subject and governs their relation with society. Let us begin […]

On the Ground

Happenings 10/27 Third year Dan Marty played hero by wrangling a broken air hose in the shop. 10/28 The 6 on 7 crowd migrated to the Queering Space closing reception at the School of Art. Architecture students devoured apps while watching performances involving bondage, warm soup, and sex. 10/29 First […]

about LOUD & QUIET architecture

PIERRE THACH (M. Arch I ’18), KEVIN HUANG (M. Arch I ’18), and DANIEL XU FETCHO (M. Arch I ’18) P: Do we need to be ideological to do architecture? Practitioners and academics alike are driven by the desire to constantly reinvent the wheel. What does the profession think of […]

about why “that’s so cliché” is a cliché phrase

ALEXANDRA KARLSSON-NAPP (M. Arch ’18) Empty phrases, banalities put on pedestals, and generalities taking precedence. The point is missed, washed over by a sheet of lovely, true and tried words.  From your classmates to starchitects, everyone is guilty. Diffuse or sharp, meaningful or meaningless, it’s difficult to judge what qualifies […]

about discourse as learning to see

with Dean DEBORAH BERKE, GENTLEY SMITH (M. Arch ’18), MISHA SEMENOV (M. Arch/M.E.M. ’19) YSoA Dean’s Office on a snowy (!) Thursday morning, 10/27 G+M: From your first speech, you have encouraged us to foster and embrace discourses outside of our studio spaces.  We want to know where this desire […]

about online platforms for discourse

conversation held over email between PAUL PETRUNIA and MISHA SEMENOV (M. Arch I / M.E.M. ’19) Misha: I’m wondering if you could begin by talking about the kinds of discourse that the Archinect platform enables. Who participates in them, and how are these conversations different from those found in other […]

… about table talks

JACK LIPSON (M. Arch I ’18), JULIE TURGEON (M. Arch I ’18), GENTLEY SMITH (M. Arch I ’18) This summer, Jack Lipson and Julie Turgeon coordinated a series of informal talks with the YSOA summer contingent. They called it Table Talks; their mission was simple: “Table Talks is rooted in a […]

about honest lies

MATTHEW BOHNE (M. Arch II ’17) During the concluding remarks at the “Aesthetic Activism” symposium, architect and educator David Ruy presented research that exposed a realm of small yet dedicated aesthetic constituencies in the current artistic landscape. These constituencies do not exist in any one space or time, but the […]