The final monologue from the play: “The Surgeon and Her Daughters”

CHRISTOPHER GABRIEL NUNEZ Chris Nuñez is a playwright at the Yale School of Drama. His piece illustrates the experience of undocumented people in this country who are forced to hide in plain sight. Setting: The living room of Sergeant Major Mariana Caycedo in Astoria Queens. Amon (50’s) breaks down the […]

Interview: Peter Eisenman 2016.10.13

The editors of Paprika: Masks sat down with Peter Eisenman, Architect, Theorist, and Charles Gwathmey Professor in Practice at Yale University School of Architecture. Paprika: Where did the idea of deep reading in your work originate? Peter Eisenman: When I came back to the United States in 1963 and was […]

Wear the Wig—Amnesty for the Fault of Icarus

DANIEL GLICK-UNTERMAN (MArch I, 2017) Part 1 In his seminal text ‘The Practice of Everyday Life,’ Michel de Certeau references a peculiar French saying, “de porter la perruque,” which translates as “to wear the wig.” “La Perruque” is an example of de Certeau’s “tactics,” describing methods of acting through relational thinking. […]

Máscara com Duas Carras

JOHN PONTILLO John Pontillo is a Peace Corps Volunteer who was stationed in Maputo, Mozambique, and a friend of the YSoA. “Você é cristão? Você bebe álcool? Você tem sexo antes de casar?” “Are you a Christian? Do you drink alcohol? Do you have premarital sex?” I had just moved […]


GREGORY CARTELLI (MED, 2017) Here I could formalize the concept of the mask, as a mask is static (but it feels like it shouldn’t be). I could make it work for me, as the mask can be a tool: but as soon as it labors, masking, it becomes another thing entirely—divorced […]


JULIE TURGEON (MArch I, 2018) It’s 4:45pm. I’m sitting at my grandparents’ kitchen table in rural (and I mean rural—this house didn’t have a telephone until the late 70s) Belgium, rocking a small porcelain coffee cup back and forth across a vinyl tablecloth, letting my mind weave in and out of […]

Interview: Keller Easterling 2016.10.12

The editors of Paprika: Masks sat down with Keller Easterling, Architect, Theorist, and Professor at Yale University School of Architecture. Keller Easterling: When I first started looking at what I call spatial products, I thought I was looking at optimized, functional expressions for maximizing the bottom line—apolitical things like repeatable […]

Letter From the Editors

JAMES COLEMAN (MArch I 2018), JONATHAN MOLLOY (MArch I 2018), SAM ZEIF (MArch I 2018) Masks seem to carry a sinister connotation. Indelibly attached to the mythic, the criminal, the anonymous, and unsettlingly detached from reality, masks are the fictive figures and the activating forms of our increasingly opaque environment. But can this opacity disassociate […]

Unmasked in Beijing

ETHAN JUDD FISCHER (MArch I, 2o17) During my time in Beijing I used AnyConnect, an app that provides remote access to foreign servers, to bypass the “Great Firewall” and obtain unrestricted access to the internet in order to google “Tiananmen Square protests.” I didn’t specifically want to read about Tiananmen Square […]

Donning The Mask

ELIHU RUBIN Associate Professor, Yale School of Architecture The false fronts of a dusty, frontier Main Street—is it the most obvious offering of an architectural mask? There the institutions of the town have gathered: saloon, mercantile, barber, hotel, bank, social hall, and more. They huddle together as if for warmth, […]