What’s Next?

We asked third-year grad students and sophomore undergraduates intending to pursue the undergraduate architecture major: What’s next? ELIZABETH KINGSLEY (YC ‘19) I was always a Lego girl, and I still am: throughout midterm season my “study break” was building the Louvre. I think this is an appropriate allegory for my goals […]

On Expanding the Canon

AMRA SARIC (B.A. ’17) This semester Kathleen James-Chakraborty is for the first time offering the course “Expanding the Canon,” a close examination of the participation of female architects in modern architecture. In the last issue of Paprika!, Wes Hiatt points out the fact that a total of one student and […]

Letter from the Editors

EMILY GOLDING (BA ’18), EMILY HSEE (BA ’18), JULIA MEDINA (BA ’18), CHARLOTTE SMITH (BA ’17) As undergraduate architecture majors, our lives overlap many spheres on campus. On one hand, we co-inhabit the space of YSoA. On the other, we are tied to the undergraduate community and all the diverse people and interests represented there. Informed […]

New Colleges, Old Thinking

SANOJA BHAUMIK A giant lipstick-adorned military tank decorates the courtyard of Morse College. The sculpture is the subject of many tales: it was a podium for 1969 anti-war protests, a satirical emblem of coeducation, an unwanted nuisance in Beinecke Plaza. On the walks to my dorm room, the sculpture reminds […]

For Urban Trees, More is More

ELI WARD Urban trees are inextricably linked to human history and, therefore, offer an invaluable glimpse into the relationship between plants, people, and the built environment over time. People drive the species composition of urban areas both intentionally, through formulated plantings, and unintentionally, through the transport and spread of invasive […]

More Englishes // A conversation with Kathleen James-Chakraborty

MADDY SEMBLER When preparing a list of twenty canonical architectural precedents to nascent junior undergrad architects, suddenly my values went out the window. Separating the history of architecture into twenty distinct moments was such a daunting task as a first-time teacher that it helped to rely on the the tools […]

Toward an Architectural Vocabulary

G LASTER (BA ’18) I increasingly believe that all things are related. Objects/ideas/beings that may be seemingly disparate can be understood through some shared frame, with scales varying from the interpersonal to the societal to the universal. Often, these elements are constructed as existing in binary relations to one another. Student-teacher […]

A Conversation with Rosalyne Shieh

EMILY GOLDING (BA ’18), EMILY HSEE (BA ’18) Q What are your first impressions of the architecture major? A I can’t be super specific, but I think my impression is that the undergrads, broadly, are more in the world, as opposed to in the world of architecture. Their basic position is open. […]

Talk with Deborah Berke

CHARLOTTE SMITH (BA ’17) The discussion with Deborah Berke was held on October 10, 2016 in the penthouse of Rudolph Hall. Present were a majority of the junior and senior classes of the undergraduate major, as well as Bimal Mendis, the DUS. The conversation was moderated by Thaddeus Lee (BA ’17) […]

To Be Continued

JULIA MEDINA (BA ’18) On September 14th, I received a text message from my advisor teasing me that I was a new campus celebrity. Joey Ye, a sophomore Yale Daily News reporter had interviewed me as part of his research for an article regarding women in architecture, and apparently it was […]

On the Ground

Happenings 10/12 The Paprika! team convened a conversation with Devin Gharakhanian of SuperArchitects to discuss the emergent roles of social media entities in architecture. The following day, Studio Eisenman found itself in the instagram spotlight after appearing on the SA feed (the post has since been deleted — Eisenman remains […]