RE: Up Close: Architecture a difficult path for women

WESLEY HIATT (MArch I ’17) The following is an email sent to Joey He, Yale Daily News staff reporter who wrote the piece “Architecture a difficult path for women,” published on September 14, 2016. Hi Joey, I hope this mail finds you well. My name is Wes Hiatt and I’m […]

On The Ground 05 Orientation + Reorientation

KATRINA YIN (MArch I ’19), LUKE STUDEBAKER (MArch I ’19), LIWEI WANG (MArch I ’19), For Travel Week: FRANCESCA CARNEY (MArch I ’17) Happenings OTG apologizes to our mature readers for the teensy font size in last week’s issue. YSOA’s Urban Studies lecture series kicked off on Thursday with a […]

Visited Cities

map-time-label Our graphic represents a map of the world generated by the cities students at YSOA have been long enough to become intimate with. 559 pins of 359 unique places are represented with stays ranging from 3 days to 30 years. Our student body carries with us a wealth of […]

Skewing the Horizon: Theatres Versus the City

LUCIE DAWKINS (Director MFA ’18, School of Drama) ‘The evil and the cruelty of the world are the stories of the theatre. We force audiences to interpret this material without offering a moral horizon, and this is a radical political act.’ Thomas Ostermeier: Artistic Director of The Schaubühne, Berlin Sometime […]

Geometric Correspondence: Conversation with Min Kyung Lee

JONATHAN MOLLOY (MArch I ’18) Min Kyung Lee is an Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, Architectural Studies, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at the College of the Holy Cross. JM: How did you go into your studies of the manuscript and what were your questions? MKL: One of the […]

Reflections on a Visit to the ACME Furniture Collection

DAVIS BUTNER (MArch I ’19) I’ll be the first to admit: the experience of visiting Rob Greenberg’s comprehensive collection of New Haven artifacts and witnessing the series of events that played out there before us as Mr. Greenberg was handed an eviction notice by a New Haven Marshall rocked me […]

It’s Complicated

AYMAR MARIÑO-MAZA (MArch II ’17) I fell in love. I left her. Clear enough, right? Well, it’s not. Let me explain. She is New York, mine at least. She’s a sardine can of subway sweat, visible tattoos and Michael Kors bags, 4AM subway cars filled with the men we won’t […]

Four Eyes

BRIAN CASH (MArch I 2019) Despite what you may have heard, Berlin is not over. But the long-term relationship that chronicled my three years in Berlin is. At the age of 14, full of teenage angst, I became infatuated by the German language. At 21, I found the city of […]

Letter from the Editors

DAPHNE AGOSIN (MED 2017),  ABENA BONNA (MArch I 2018), FRANCESCA CARNEY (MArch I 2017) Détournement may be an active tool, one of interest beyond frequent disillusionments on the futility of postmodern discoveries, these many years ahead of its conception. As pieces came together for this issue, Debord and Asger Jorn made […]