A+A TALK : WORK! with Sheila de Bretteville + Martin Kersels

Note from the Editor: The term Work has a range of definitions, disparate in nature and connotation. As both a process and a product, Work has managed to take over our lexicon as the primary distillation of what we—as students and practitioners, architects and artists—do. We exhaust our energy, deplete […]

INTERVIEW : Peggy Deamer on ‘Work’

HYEREE KWAK + JACK LIPSON (M.Arch I ’18)   For you, is Architecture a calling, or a career? I clearly think it’s a career, and it’s not helpful to think of it as a calling; you take yourself out of the economic context when you think of it as a […]

ARTISTS TALK : Ernest A. Bryant III

(Painting and Printmaking ‘18) My use of the plotter adds another layer of meaning to the drawing. I started making drawings with this plotter not necessarily knowing how, or what the impact of this was going to be, but as an exploration. Because my current project deals with narrative and […]


(Graphic Design ‘17) I think so much of that style just comes from how you approach the project conceptually, just how you think about the project determines so much of that (formal choices) that I can’t help but make things that look kind of similar. There are typefaces I enjoy […]

ARTISTS TALK : Stephanie Gonzalez-Turner

(Painting and Printmaking ‘17) The ultimate goal is to turn [my artworks] into physical forms that have dimensionality. A lot of it is trial and error, in every step of the process—starting out with a really concrete idea of why this language interests me, and how I want to use […]


KEVIN TING-YU HUANG (M.Arch I ‘18) In Japan, interns are referred to as ‘open desks’—meaning you are desk-less and bring your laptop to sit wherever there is space. Most open desks are unpaid and work twelve hours a day. Right before a deadline, an intern may very well work for 24 hours […]


AMANDA IGLESIAS (M.ARCH I ‘18) Work is struggle. It’s an hourly reckoning between tensions: energy against exhaustion, inspiration against inertia. Curiosity contends with monotony, and caffeine compromises sleep cycles. As someone with a background in graphic design, my understanding of the struggle unique to creative work existed primarily on an aesthetic […]

ARTISTS TALK : Hasabie Kidanu

(Painting and Printmaking ‘17) For me, part of the work becomes about just experiencing it once, and having that memory rather than having something that can be watched over and over. It’s like a performance. It happens once all you have is just a memory of it. For this particular […]

ARTISTS TALK : Antonia Kuo

(Painting and Printmaking ‘18) The paintings change a lot—the colors, the tones. Sometimes I think I know, but I rarely actually know [how the final image will turn out]. It’s always kind of a surprise. Even during the process there are a lot of things that happen where I can’t hold […]


(Sculpture ‘18) That one is the “Old mouse poking at his father’s butthole.” And this one is “Puffy limbs in pink stiletto bending down for the cigarette stub.” And that one is a “Spiky haired Italian woman with a big purple arm.” This one, “Refugee on a flat bike tire,” […]

Distorting the Grid

KASSANDRA LEIVA (M.Arch I ‘19) Responding carefully to ambiguity, you draft a plan for conceptualized space. Put it away in a side-pocket of your mind. Amongst a pile of papers pick a few lines, high-light, relish in their newfound relevance. Repeat. You rediscover the universalities of geometry. Fascinating implications cloud your mind. […]

Math is Work.

ASAD PERVAIZ (Graphic Design ’17, Issue Designer) X 84 * 4=336 B 234 -(130-102)=28 =206 A 246 -(133-103)=30 =216 206+216=426 (2519+465) wc/336 = 8.88 * 426 =3783.29omgomgomgomg

A Mark on the Ground

JEONGYOON ISABELLE SONG (M.Arch I ‘18) In retrospect, Michael Heizer must have thought him-self insane—masochistic, even—for willingly purchasing a land in the middle of nowhere and working its hard-ened surface in prolonged solitude. For Heizer, the infinite landscape of the Nevadan desert was his gallery as well as his canvas, the […]

À la vie et la mort

PIERRE THACH (M.Arch I ‘18) Our notion of work is, to say the least, clouded. We live in confusing times. There’s a disconnect between the public’s view of our work and the way we perceive it ourselves. Ask any person on the street what architects do you’re likely to get the answer […]

Down on the Boardwalk

ALEX TATUSIAN (External Contributor) The last time I visited my family in Orange County, California, I noticed the benches lining the beach. Anyone that grew up in a beach community would recognize them. They’re usually made of smooth stone or painted metal, on a concrete platform describing the perimeter of […]


On The Ground is compiled from tips and suggestions received by the editorial staff, and does not represent the opinions of Paprika.   The Dean’s Council, including former Dean Stern, was in attendance at Claire Weisz’s lecture on September 22nd. All enjoyed the White Manhattans at the reception that followed. […]