On The Ground: Barcade

JOSH LEVINSON (Technology Services Specialist YSOA Digital Media) Can Barcade match its pre-opening hype? In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been pretty excited for Barcade for a long while now. Maybe too excited. The long wait is over. There is an actual, real-life Barcade right here in our own New […]

On Presence and Absence in Havana

CATHRYN GARCIA-MENOCAL (MArch I 2017) The words of the molasses-voiced historian tumbled around in my head as I sat in the Museum of the Revolution’s Hall of Mirrors (formerly the Presidential Palace): “And so you must remember, when you walk around this city, that all of Cuban architecture is borne of […]

Men Explain Frank Gehry to Me at the Venice Biennale

ERIC PETERSON (MED Alum) Shortly after arriving in Venice, my friend took me along with him to a party at Foundation Louis Vuitton, which occupies a room overlooking the French label’s retail store and where they “exhibit” installations. Presumably timed with the opening the 2017 Venice Architecture Biennale, the show […]

On the Geiger Fellowship

AMRA SARIC (B.A. 2017) This summer, with generous support from the Harvey Geiger Fellowship, I pursued a research project that focused on architectural expressions of state power and architecture of regimes in Ber​lin, Rome, and Paris. I spent most of my time exploring cities that qualify as architectural Meccas just […]

Parallel Universalisms and Cultural Identities: A Case Study of Uzbekistan

RASHIDBEK MUYDINOV (MArch I 2017) During my 2015 trip to Uzbekistan, my home country, my brother shared with me images of a newly built mosque in the capital city of Tashkent. Simply known as the White Masjid among the populace (for its white granite surfaces), the Minar (Tower) Mosque can be […]

On the Geiger Fellowship

THADDEUS LEE (B.A. 2017) In recent months, the splattering of social, economic and political tools released to the consciousness of popular architectural thought has promised a more socially-relevant architecture, especially in the area of housing. This drastically expanded sphere of expertise wielded by the Architect projects equal parts confusion and thrilling […]

Takenaka Corporation Summer Internship

CECILIA HUI (MArch I 2017) Traveling Japan I began my summer by traveling to several cities in Western Japan, including Fukuoka and Hiroshima (my visit was two days prior to President Obama’s). During these first two weeks of travel prior to the commencement of my internship at the Takenaka Corporation, […]

Interview With Dean Berke

Members of the Paprika editorial team sat down with Dean Deborah Berke for a conversation on Tuesday, August 30th. How has the transition been? I would say pretty great. I had the good fortune of a really long runway both because my appointment was announced so early and because I’ve […]

Perspecta 49

VIOLETTE DE LA SELLE, RUSSELL LESTOURGEON, AJ ARTEMEL At a time when the “new” is delivered constantly, how do you assume the editorship of a publication that takes three years to edit, design, and print? Perspecta, curated each year around a single bold theme, is both slow-moving and at the […]

Letter From the Editors

Paprika Like the carpet from which it derives its name—strewn with model scraps, empty coffee cups, and broken badminton birdies—Paprika is an open and unrestrained commons for the YSoA student body. Available to all student contributors, the publication strives to reflect the culture of our school: the ideas permeating and […]

Retrospecta 00

DIMITRI BRAND (MArch I 2018), JAMES COLEMAN (MArch I 2018), AMANDA IGLESIAS  (MArch I 2018), JEONGYOON SONG  (MArch I 2018) This year’s edition of Retrospecta bookends the publication’s long tradition in the context of the school’s own anniversary, and also its more recent renaissance beginning with Former Dean Robert A.M. Stern’s […]