Fold XIII Editor’s Note


PEARL HO (M.Arch ’16) and JENNY KIM (M.Arch ’16)

Fold XIII of Paprika! draws from the Whole Earth Catalogs, Stewart Brand’s publication that ran from 1968 to 1972,  which provided a comprehensive world overview of  groundbreaking patterns of thoughts, information, ideas and technologies both old and new. Its emphasis on self-sufficiency and DIY empowerment took the form of an inventory promising democratic access to tools. In the same spirit, we wanted to catalog the current discourse of architecture today within YSOA and in the larger design community to speculate what is  “the new normal”. We want to bring to attention the toolkit that we all have at hand as designers. While today there are trends of technological empowerment, we are also reminded constantly that chaos, uncertainty, rapid change and realignment of power are becoming the new operating parameters. This is impacting the design community, and we believe architects must react to these in-flux environments to affect immediate change.