This, Paprika’s fourteenth issue – what we the editors have more or less lovingly been referring to as the Formalist Fold – is interested expressly in architectural form and its discipline. By architectural form, we mean representations and manifestations of, as well as criticism on, the stuff of buildings. By discipline, we mean those useful limits through which we can make and judge our own forms, explicitly architectural, which we claim must all prescribe to generative principles set into place by a canon.

This fold, titled Form and Discipline, seeks to understand how the various students and faculty of this school consider architecture in these terms. We see this issue as a call to reunite, rather than to dismiss, architectural form making with current affairs as an effective way of expressing, if not also shaping, social and political relationships. We believe architectural form has value in the world, and that this value can and must work with other fields as an equal. We argue for architecture’s agency and continued relevance as a discipline.