What’s on the horizon?

This summer, Dean Berke convened a series of faculty retreats, the first to occur since the earliest days of Robert A.M. Stern’s deanship. According to those present, the faculty wrestled with issues such as the future of architectural education, diversity, funding, and the future of the School under the leadership […]

On The Ground

LI WEI WANG (M.Arch I, ‘19), JOLANDA DEVALLE (M.Arch II, ‘18) TIMON COVELLI, DAVID LANGDON, MEGHAN ROYSTER , FRANCESCA XAVIER (M.Arch I, ‘18). 10/12 Visiting professors EMRE AROLAT and GONCA PAŞOLAR joined students for dinner at Florian after their “Context and Pluralism” lecture. The Dean’s Council was also in attendance, […]


TIMON COVELLI (M.Arch ’18) I mull over this essay as Dimitri and I rush down the highway in a borrowed pick-up truck with a steel guardrail hanging out of the bed. It’s the final week of the Building Project. Scheduled for a powder-coat that morning, the rail had broken during handling […]

Summer Survey Results

  Summer at Yale is as diverse in it’s range of activities as the academic year itself. M.Arch I students start the season with the construction phase of the Building Project and the final Visualization class (the intent, methodology, and reason for existence, of which remains questioned by some students). Some second year students […]

Incoming Student Survey

  Survey conducted by CAROLINE ACHEATEL (M.Arch ’17), ELAINA BERKOWITZ (M.Arch ’17), FRANCESCA CARNEY (M.Arch ’17), DANIEL GLICK-UNTERMAN (M.Arch ’17), GARRETT HARDEE (M.Arch ’17), ROBERT HON (M.Arch ’17), RASHID MUYDINOV (M.Arch & F.E.S. ’18) It’s been one year since the first incoming student survey was collected. As the surveyed become the surveyors, we find ourselves […]