about thorny topics and safe spaces

JULIE TURGEON (M. Arch I ‘18) I was told not to speak of the Dirty War. Unless the topic was broached by someone else, that is. Seven years of state-sponsored terrorism under an oppressive military dictatorship left deep wounds in the minds and on the bodies of the Argentine people. The […]

… about table talks

JACK LIPSON (M. Arch I ’18), JULIE TURGEON (M. Arch I ’18), GENTLEY SMITH (M. Arch I ’18) This summer, Jack Lipson and Julie Turgeon coordinated a series of informal talks with the YSOA summer contingent. They called it Table Talks; their mission was simple: “Table Talks is rooted in a […]


JULIE TURGEON (MArch I, 2018) It’s 4:45pm. I’m sitting at my grandparents’ kitchen table in rural (and I mean rural—this house didn’t have a telephone until the late 70s) Belgium, rocking a small porcelain coffee cup back and forth across a vinyl tablecloth, letting my mind weave in and out of […]