HYEREE KWAK (M.Arch I ’18) JACK LIPSON (M.Arch I ’18)   In a school of architecture, all hours are consumed by work as we tend to eagerly fill every free time with obsessive production. Where does Play fit into this loop? Playfulness has in many ways become an aesthetic extension […]

Form Follows Fun : a conversation with Interboro

JACK LIPSON (M.ARCH I ’18) JONATHAN MOLLOY (M.ARCH I ’18) SAM ZEIF (M.ARCH I ’18) Interboro Partners is a New York City based architecture, urban design, and planning office that specializes in the design of public places. Interboro’s participatory, place-specific approach builds on what’s there and deploys simple, resourceful design […]

#PROPOSITION: 240 Winthrop Ave

JACK LIPSON (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) JONATHAN MOLLOY (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) SAM ZEIF (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) “Yeah, it used to be a nursing home…my mom was staying there until it closed down eighteen years ago. I’m surprised Yale hasn’t bought it up already.” Just a few houses down the street from […]

… about table talks

JACK LIPSON (M. Arch I ’18), JULIE TURGEON (M. Arch I ’18), GENTLEY SMITH (M. Arch I ’18) This summer, Jack Lipson and Julie Turgeon coordinated a series of informal talks with the YSOA summer contingent. They called it Table Talks; their mission was simple: “Table Talks is rooted in a […]

A+A TALK : WORK! with Sheila de Bretteville + Martin Kersels

Note from the Editor: The term Work has a range of definitions, disparate in nature and connotation. As both a process and a product, Work has managed to take over our lexicon as the primary distillation of what we—as students and practitioners, architects and artists—do. We exhaust our energy, deplete […]

INTERVIEW : Peggy Deamer on ‘Work’

HYEREE KWAK + JACK LIPSON (M.Arch I ’18)   For you, is Architecture a calling, or a career? I clearly think it’s a career, and it’s not helpful to think of it as a calling; you take yourself out of the economic context when you think of it as a […]


On The Ground is compiled from tips and suggestions received by the editorial staff, and does not represent the opinions of Paprika. Submit at: At the end of Allison Williams’ lecture on 09.15, Dean Berke whetted our appetites with an intimate introduction to the evening’s cocktail, ‘La Perla,’ (the […]