Recent Exploits of Flon Mask

Invented a space flight company that provides affordable rides to the moon and back for families. Descended from the cyclorama, SpaceY consists of a capsule in front of a screen with looped imagery of outer space cranked by hand by recent Stanford computer science graduates. Actually built a real rocket […]

Worst Substances

Dear 6th floor janitors, Thank you for consistently dealing with some of the worst messes, smells, substances, and surprises one could ever encounter in a bathroom. Sincerely, All those guilty of making them


Elegy for a Sophomore Undergraduate Having Pulled Her First All-Nighter I first came upon You when You were but a freshman The light shone in Your eyes You asked me Questions about Architecture I answered questions about architecture And yet now I see You Dull and lifeless, keeled over Your […]

7 things

A silly sign I love by the coffee machine is titled “Most Difficult Yet Comforting Things to Accept about Life”. There are 7 things. #3 states: “There is always someone better than you. So there’s no point to compare.” I think many people would read this and think it’s depressing. […]


I am annoyed and frustrated seeing every studio couple be affectionate with each other while I work. It makes me bitter. I wish that they JUST STOP

Valentines for Dean Berke

Dear Dean Berke, You are a queen. A goddess. I get starstruck when you come up to the 7th floor. So much fangirling. Good job! Keep it up! Love the different cocktails. Your thoughtful responses to undergrad concerns gives me hope for the people coming into the major. Your presence […]