Introduction, Nicolas Kemper

NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ’16) When I asked Anthony Vidler how we should honor Zaha Hadid, he offered the following: “Everyone is skirting the work: either they don’t like it, or they don’t understand it, or whatever. It would be more respectful to her to attack the work. Do you know […]

2016, Bob Stern

ROBERT STERN (M.Arch ’65) Eulogy delivered before lecture, March 31. Today our world is much diminished by the loss of a great architect and a great person. Before I introduce this evening’s speaker I will take – with your permission – a few moments to reflect on the sudden death […]

2016, Lisa Albaugh

LISA ALBAUGH (M.Arch ’16) During Spring Break, Zaha invited our studio to visit her in Miami and to see construction progress on her tower, 1000 Museum. I, along with my classmate Roberto Jenkins, flew down to see her at her pied-a-terre at the W Hotel in South Beach and joined her […]

2016, Alicia Pozniak

ALICIA POZNIAK (M.Arch ’16) Confession, revelation, celebration and confusion: I had a ‘Zaha phase’. You couldn’t tell looking at my current YSOA work. It feels strange to say it now that she is gone and we are all reeling from the suddenness of her departure. In the moments after hearing the […]

2016, Dima Srouji

DIMA SROUJI (M.Arch ’16) Zaha’s legacy as an Arab. My body reacted in an unexpectedly emotional way when I read Dean Stern’s email that Zaha had left us. At first I thought I was being emotional because she had been such a big part of the Yale experience, but then […]

2000-2013, Edward Wang

EDWARD WANG (B.A. ’16) Zaha’s Past Studios. I, like so many others, (though we deign to admit it) come to the fourth floor to ogle. The art of sideline observation can be fickle – how to position oneself close enough to whisper a snarky comment to a neighbor unheard, yet […]

2002, John Jacobson

JOHN JACOBSON How I became a friend of Zaha. When Zaha was first invited to teach at Yale in 2000, I was the administrator responsible for managing the logistics.  She had a reputation for being difficult, and she lived up to that reputation with flying colors. When she was scheduled […]

2004-6, Tim Altenhof

TIM ALTENHOF (Phd) The vivid moments that will always remain firmly lodged in my memory are the ones from reviews at the Angewandte. Diploma presentations aside, her frequent studio reviews were most telling. There, every so often seemingly snoozing, at times ostentatiously absorbed into active text messaging, she was notorious […]

2000, Bob Stern

ROBERT AM STERN (M.Arch ’65) Interview with Dima Srouji (M.Arch ’16) & Nicolas Kemper (M.Arch ’16) When she came to Yale for the first time to teach, she had an assistant, Lucien, who would call and say ‘do you have a car for Zaha, to get her to school?’ I said […]

1990s, Edward Mitchell

EDWARD MITCHELL Way back in the early 1990s when I was just out of school and working in New York for Peter Eisenman, Greg Lynn and I got a call from a very well-known critic to hustle over to the Royalton because Zaha was in town and wanted to meet. […]

1980s, Bob Stern

ROBERT AM STERN (M.Arch ’65) Interview with Dima Srouji (M.Arch ’16) and Nicolas Kemper (M.Arch ’16) The first time I got to know Zaha was at the AA, under Alvin Boyarsky – I must have been giving a talk, and Zaha was a beginning teacher. At the end of the […]

1975, Anthony Vidler

ANTHONY VIDLER from an interview by Nicolas Kemper (M.Arch ’16) As far as I could remember the jury consisted of Rem, myself, Tschumi and Leon Krier. I had given a text by Marquis de Sade which described various spaces of debauchery and spaces which could be used to announce what was going […]