Paprika! Bulletin II

Paprika! Bulletins respond to recent and pressing events at Yale School of Architecture. Today’s bulletin addresses the meeting held on Monday, February 8, 2016 regarding the results of the AAU Campus Climate Survey. The school-wide gathering was a follow-up to a faculty meeting on the same subject that took place […]

Data From The AAU Westat-Yale Report

For the University, the number of respondents that are Graduate or Professional Students 54.1% Women 43.6% Men For Yale School of Architecture, the respondents as a percentage of the whole school by Gender 62.0% Women 60.0% Men The number of respondents from the Yale School of Architecture 203 Respondents, 1.61% […]

Faculty Reactions

Joel Sanders I am hopeful that the AAU report will be a call to action, encouraging us to initiate an open dialogue about how we can build a more inclusive culture of respect at the YSOA that permits all people, no matter their race, sex or gender, to express their […]

Student Reactions

Q 1: How did you feel about the meeting addressing the YSoA- specific AAU survey results on sexual misconduct? The greatest benefit of the meeting was seeing how invested faculty are in changing the culture of the school for the better. Extremely dismayed. The staggering statistics were doubly troubling to […]

On The Ground

2/5: Students and faculty received an email from DEAN STERN urging that they attend a meeting regarding the results of the Sexual Climate Survey. The email, which was re-sent on the morning of the meeting, is printed below: “ There will be a presentation from the School of the results […]