Paprika Meeting

Paprika! is the often weekly broadsheet of the Yale School of Architecture. Founded in the summer of 2014, Paprika! is named after the blazing orange carpets in the pits and auditorium of Rudolph Hall: the focal points of the Yale School of Architecture, our ground.

We are of, by and for art and architecture students. Our submissions are open (paprika.ysoa@gmail.com), our meetings are open, we receive zero fiscal support from the school, and they exercise no editorial control. Each week, a different set of editors work with a different graphic designer. We encourage you all to see Paprika as an extension of your experience in architecture. Paprika is here to empower you.


Coordinating Editors

Abena Bonna (MArch I, 2018)

Francesca Carney (MArch I, 2017)


Positions Editors

Misha Semenov (MArch I, 2018)

Jia Weng (MED, 2018)

Shuyi Yin (MED, 2018)



Jeremy Jacinth (MArch II, 2018)

Nadeen Safa (MArch II, 2018)


Web Content Manager

Francesca Carney (MArch I, 2017)


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