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Paprika! is the often-weekly broadsheet of the Yale School of Architecture. Founded in the summer of 2014, Paprika! is named after the vibrant orange carpets in the pits and auditorium of Rudolph Hall, the epicenter of student life at the Yale School of Architecture.

We are of, by, and for students of art and architecture. Our submissions are open (paprika.ysoa@gmail.com); our meetings are open; we receive zero fiscal support from the school, and YSOA exercises no editorial control.

UPDATE 10/19/2017:

Feeling nostalgic? Lost your issues? Want to read more in general?
Now in our 5th (!) semester of printing, we have amassed quite the trove of back issues. While we love hoarding, combing the archive for old articles, and OTG blasts from the pasts (i.e. 11/12/15: “The second year studio daylighting model for MJ LONG (M.Arch ‘64) is due today. Forecast: rain.”), it’s time to share.

We’re offering two bundles:
An entire semester’s worth of your choosing (Fall ‘15-Fall ‘17) for $50*
All of the issues. All of them. Every single one. For $100**

All back-issue purchases will go directly towards our printing costs and help secure the future of Paprika!. Help keep our beloved publication afloat, so that next semester’s editors can print.


Back-Issue Bundles



Coordinating Editors, Spring 2018

Nicholas Miller (MArch I, 2019)

Matthew Wagstaffe (MArch I, 2019)

Ethan Zisson (MArch I, 2019)


Publishers, Spring 2018

Jeremy Jacinth (MArch II, 2018)

Nadeen Safa (MArch II, 2018)

Matthew Wagstaffe (MArch I, 2019)




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