Join Paprika on her adventures as she withers the ups and downs of life as an architecture student.

Distance from Eight to Ten: locating space in east asia

XINYI WANG (M.Arch ’16) My master, a Japanese musician, once quoted his master about the essence of a Japanese Haiku poem, to communicate the essence of Japanese music. “There is a TEN in the poet’s heart, in words conveyed it’s an EIGHT, while for the readers, with that restrained EIGHT […]

Back in the Day: Advocacy & Arson at Yale

DANTE FURIOSO (M.Arch ’16) Before dawn on June 14th, 1969, the fourth and fifth floors of the Yale Art and Architecture Building (A&A) burned. Widely believed to be the result of arson, the fire came two weeks after the firing of three members of the Art and Architecture School’s faculty. […]

Of Elephants: Musings on Semiotic Predilictions

SHAYARI DE SILVA (M.Arch ’16) A few years ago, I did a project for a graphic design course, where I drew parallels between a personal penchant for observing elephants in the forms of everyday objects, and the Sinhalese script. It was an exercise that to me, emphasized that architects and […]

Occupy Risk

KIRK HENDERSON (SOM & M.Arch ’16) “Vanity project” may be one of practicing architects’ most dismissive epithets. These projects are tolerated for their presence, and even appreciated for some feat of formal or material acrobatics. Perhaps a freshly minted autocrat commissions a capacious capital city concert hall, or a Silicon […]


CHRISTOPHER H. LEUNG (M.Arch ’17) Carparks are often viewed as bleak spaces that are not very appreciated by their users, yet they remain essential to host the abundance of vehicles found today. How can the contemporary carpark stand out as an engaging destination of its own and progress to tackle […]

The Dot & the Line: and a case for the squiggle

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT (M.Arch ’16), ANDREW STERNAD (M.Arch ’16) The microscopic movements of our daily experience – crossing the street, flushing a toilet, flicking a switch – are transmitted to and from lines so long that we cannot see them as such. We think we live, work, and love within a […]

Major versus Minor Architecture

ERIC ROGERS (MED ’15) It should be old news that there is an ongoing resistance to what we call “starchitecture”: typically large budget, grandiose projects involving the usual suspects. The fascination with “starchitecture” occupies an inordinate amount of the conversation in architecture schools and architectural magazines; however, it is only […]

First Year Survey

JOHN WAN (M.Arch ’16) As a new class of students arrives at YSOA, PAPRIKA! was interested in finding out more about what drives them as individuals, designers, and future architects. “Every class we admit to Yale is very, very different. As we are a school dedicated to pluralism, we don’t […]

Figure / Ground: Talking with Eisenman

MADELYNN RINGO (M.Arch ’16), NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ’16), DIMA SROUJI (M.Arch ’16) Each year, the incoming M.Arch I class at the Yale School of Architecture encounters Peter Eisenman in Formal Analysis, which attempts to familiarize students with the implications of form in architecture and its ordering of inhabitable space, a […]


SOFIA SINGLER (M.Arch ’16) Parks are the life and love of cities – but add some gravestones to the green, and few of us would choose to eat or socialize there. A catalytic opportunity to celebrate public life in cities is embedded in our urban cemeteries, but we have overlooked […]

Lessons of Gastronomy

XIAO WU (M.Arch ’16) elBulli is the world’s leading innovator in the culture, material, and technology of gastronomy. The approach of designing to maximize human experience is a fading tradition in architecture to be revived. 0. GASTRONOMY AND ARCHITECTURE Shelter and food are two basic human needs. Architecture is to […]


CYNTHIA HSU (M.Arch ’16) Architecture must be practical. It should provide shelter, the fundamental purpose of a building, Be it from mosquitos, or from bombshells, it doesn’t matter. The design should be beautiful. While beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, Better to be on the […]

First Assignments

NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ’16) Joyce Hsiang took charge of the first year studio, with Michael Szivos of SOFTlab joining last year’s critics Brennan Buck, Peggy Deamer, and Eeva-Lisa Pelkonen to guide the M.Arch first years through their three project semester. They will start with a study which must also house […]

An Aphorism

WEST HIATT (M.Arch ’17), LUKE ANDERSON (M.Arch ’16) What one calls a thing matters. About 18 months back, we thought to name this piece Towers. That changed quickly to Capriccios as the architecture of it all was becoming less clear, less consistent than what we had at the onset of […]

Mission Statement

A Manifesto We need a record which keeps pace with our community. While our existing publications Retrospecta, Perspecta, & Constructs respectively provide a yearly monograph, a compilation of work from distinguished contributors, and a faculty curated newsletter, Paprika will be a student run publication bound firmly to our present and […]